creating moments. designing artists. 
making memories.
glorifying the nights. connects smooth art on high level. from human to human.
what? talking. spreading. presenting. booking. leading. management.
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mArtist - Art with passion

music, techno, film, author, water colour pictures.
baba yaga
(on picture; (c) k. Scholz). martin bachofners neue band (mit eva billisich). eskalin. maddy rose. amelie lens. anetha. evamore. pacheco. lou. mennel. stefania liberakakis. and many more.

mArtist x SToP. Stadtteile ohne Partnergewalt.

mArtist x Spaces. Little contemporary art galerie zwischendecke presents ANŽO 

mArtist. Live Techno from DEBORAH DE LUCE. All day and night with elegance and sometimes with german vocals.

mArtist. Let us try rave AND pop tgthr? Then name them Eskalin. They are now based in Berlin, of course.

mArtist. Drawing with aquarels and water. You decide the theme.